Deed poll in UK and How they can help to change name on DVLA, Passport and other services provided by Deed poll

What is a Deed Poll?

Deed Poll is a Deed Poll is a legal document different from a certificate it is a kind of legally binding agreement that can be unilateral. In contrast to traditional contracts which involve diverse participants the Deed Poll involves a single party who takes a vow to perform the obligations as specified in the document with the assistance of an official witness.

A deed-poll is a legally binding document that allows for an acknowledgement of name changes by both children and adults. If you choose to use an unenrolled or registered deed it is vital that the name you choose to use is a reflection of your identity and personal preferences.

How to Change Name by Deed Poll
How to Change Name by Deed Poll

Name Change with a Deed Poll

Primarily, Deed polls can be used to formalize changes in name, but they also have another purpose when the person or company takes legal responsibility for specific steps. The formal name for a Deed Poll used to change the name of a person is “Deed of Change of Name,” however, it’s commonly referred to by the name of a Deed Poll. The document contains three statements that legally bind an individual.

  1. Cease with the old name.
  2. Only use the new name throughout all situations.
  3. Make sure that other addresses use their current name.

Our Deed polls are encapsulated legally, confirming their authenticity. The Deed Poll provides essential documentary proof of the name change. It facilitates the updating of all official records and papers to reflect the change in name. The documents are recognized by all the appropriate entities in the United Kingdom.

Duration of the Name Change Process

Change of name by Deed Poll can be swift but typically takes around two weeks for the process to be completed. The time frame includes getting an official Deed Poll document and notifying everyone who is responsible for the record of the new name.

Application Process

In order to obtain a Deed Poll, one may submit a request online, through post, phone or even in person. Different delivery options are offered and range from same day delivery to regular services that will take many days. There are special arrangements to applicants from countries other countries outside of the UK which includes expedited services offered.

Notifying Record Holders

Once in possession of a Deed Poll, the individual must execute it by signing and dating it in front of a witness. Following this, the individual can proceed to update all official documents, such as passports, driving licences, and bank accounts. The duration for this depends largely on the number of entities to be informed.

Making Your Name Change Public Record

Enrollment of a Deed Poll

If you are a person who wants to change their name public record, it’s possible to register in a Deed Poll with the government’s Ministry of Justice. Be aware that our company is not associated to that Ministry of Justice.

Benefits of Using Our Service

Accessibility and Eligibility

  • Anyone who lives anywhere in the United Kingdom can apply through our application process regardless of nationality or birth country.
  • British citizens who live abroad are also able to apply.

Privacy and Simplicity

  • If someone wants to change into their original maiden names after an annulment, there’s no requirement for husband’s written consent.
  • Our service is secure We do not divulge your personal information to the public.

Identity Verification and Delivery Options

  • There is no requirement for a person to prove your identity, if they’ve been in contact with for at least 10 years and has a home located in the UK.
  • We can grant you with the opportunity to have the Deed Poll documentation to be delivered for the next day’s delivery, and possibly as early as the day that you submit your application.
  • Our charges are substantially less than the fees paid from government agencies like the Ministry of Justice and hiring an attorney for the same service.


Additional Information

It is vital to understand that the change in legal name can only be considered to be to be complete if all official documents and files have been changed to reflect the current name. A Deed Poll alone does not make a difference in the name.

Passport Update Costs

Passport renewal is a necessity to changing the name of a person in official papers. The current online application fee is £75.50 for an adult ten year old passport as well as £49 for a 5-year-old child passport. A lot of people choose to renew the passport when the time comes to be used.


Change Name in the United Kingdom by a Deed Poll

Overview of Deed Poll Options

In the UK change of name can be made official through an deed poll. This article will explain the procedure to make and then register a deed survey and the difference between enrolling and unenrolled deed polls.

Creating an Unenrolled Deed Poll

If you’re aged 16 or older, you’ll can choose the choice to make the “unenrolled” deed poll. It is an individual legal document which serves as evidence of the change in your name. You can alter any aspect of your name and even changes to your spelling or change or deletion of names. It is important to note that some organizations such as banks may have to require you to sign the use of an “enrolled” deed poll to acknowledge the new identity. However, if you’re an permanent resident of another country you are not able to change your name using a deed poll.

Applying for an Enrolled Deed Poll

A deed enrolled poll entails making your name change official on the official records, which is carried out by the Royal Courts of Justice. The process is only available if you’re aged 18 or more and requires a the cost of PS48.321. Children, the procedure to change the name of a person differs and will require more steps.

Name Changes and Legal Partnerships

Marriage and Civil Partnerships

Incorporating a spouse’s civil partner’s name after the marriage or entering into the civil partnership doesn’t require a deed-poll. You are able to add the ceremony or certificate of civil partnerships to appropriate authorities, like the benefit offices, and get your records updated for free.

Divorce and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

In cases of divorce or dissolvement of the civil partnership some organizations might require a deed to change your name.

Special Considerations for Registered Offenders

In the event that you’re a registered offenders for example, sex offenders and violent offenders or terrorist offenders, you must legally inform the police of any name changes within three days. This should be done at the local police station.

Change Name on British Passport

Updating Passport Details

It is essential that the name you have on your passport is in line with your legal name. If your name has changed due to an Deed Poll, marriage, divorce, separation, or after entering in a civil partnership you will need to apply for a new passport with the new name. The process will result in the deactivation of your current passport as well as the loss of any validity remaining.

Passport and Visa Considerations

  • If your passport is issued with an visa, it might become invalid if the passport is canceled. It is important to check with the official who issued the visa that your visa is valid. You should also request that your previous passport to be returned in the event of a need.

Passport Application Guidelines

1. Change Name from the Name on Birth Certificate

If you’re seeking a passport in another name than that of your birth certificate, be sure to include the Deed Poll or Change of Name Deed when you submit your application. This document must clearly indicate the change from your birth name to the current name. The absence of any previous documents is not an issue provided that you can prove that the Deed Poll reflects the correct name change.

2. Change name on your passport following your name change by Deed Poll

The Deed Poll document is necessary to prove that you have changed your passport’s name following an official name change. It is recognized by all UK government agencies and allows the updating of other documents, such as your driving licence or bank accounts.

3. Change Name Post-Marriage or Civil Partnership Changes

Name or post-marriage civil partnership changes don’t require the use of a Deed Poll if adopting a spouse or partner’s name or a double-barrelled surname. The certificate of marriage or civil partnership is sufficient for passport application. However, some financial institutions could require an Deed Poll for these changes.

  • Pre-Ceremony applications The application process is simple. You can make an application for passport under your new name as long as three months prior to your wedding and civil partner ceremony however, it is only valid until the day of your ceremony.

4. Reverting to Maiden Name Post-Separation

If you want to change your maiden name after a separation or divorce, you must obtain a Deed Poll is required to change the name on your passport as well as other official records.

5. Returning to a Pre-Marriage Name Post-Divorce

In the event of a divorce or divorce of civil partnerships you may seek a new passport under your previous name by filing the appropriate documentation for dissolution along with a signed declaration of the use of your name. However you will need you will need a Deed Poll may be required by a variety of organizations to correct your record.

Updating Your Legal Documents After a Name Change in the UK

Required Documents for Name Change on Driving Licence

What to Submit

When updating your driving licence after a name change, return the completed application form along with your current photocard driving licence and its paper counterpart. Additionally, you need to provide an original document verifying your name change. The nature of this document varies based on your specific circumstances:

  • Marriage: Include your marriage certificate.
  • Divorce: Provide your decree absolute along with your birth certificate or certificate of naturalisation.
  • Reverting to a Previous Name: Submit your marriage certificate and a statutory declaration.
  • All Other Name Changes: A deed poll is necessary.

Additional Information

It is recommended that photos on photocard licences be updated every ten years. While a new photo is not required unless you have a paper licence, you can opt to update your photocard photo for a fee of £17. Processing name changes can take up to three weeks, and your updated licence will be mailed to you separately from any returned proof documents. Instructions are provided on the form for cases where you cannot return your current licence with your application. Alternatively, you may take your current licence and proof of name change to a DVLA office in person.

Changing Your Name on Your V5C Vehicle Registration

Procedure Based on Log Book Style

The method for updating your name on your vehicle’s log book (V5C) varies depending on the version of the log book you possess:

  • New Style Log Book: Write your new full name in section 3, avoiding initials, and send the entire log book to the specified DVLA address in this section.
  • Old Style Log Book: Enter your new full name in section 6, again avoiding initials, sign the log book, and send the whole document to the DVLA address mentioned in section 8.

General Advice for Changing Names Across Various Organisations

Coordination and Documentation

When changing your name, it is crucial to update all relevant organisations simultaneously to ensure consistency across your legal and personal records. Different organisations may require different procedures, such as sending a letter, an email, or a specific form. Some might also request proof of your name change. Make sure to consult our database to understand what specific documentation each organisation requires for a name change.

Applying for a Deed Poll

If you are interested in applying an application for an application for a Deed Poll, including for names that have changed in the past it is possible to apply online, through mail, telephone as well as in person. Be sure to add accurate information about your name by completing the application using your previous as well as current name.

Here to submit an application for an Deed Poll.

This guideline ensures that the passport you have, and all other papers show the current legal name of yours and conforms to UK legal requirements and facilitating travel internationally without issue.




If you want any legal or deed poll aid for name change on passport, DVLA or name change in general feel free to contact us here.

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