Answers To Other FAQ's

Changing your name is an exciting new chapter! Let’s answer some common queries about our deed poll process:

It’s simple with us. Give us a shout with your new name pick. We’ll sort the deed poll paperwork and send it over along with guidance for next steps. You’ll then notify agencies, banks etc to switch your details. We’re here to help throughout.

Afraid not – in the UK you need that official deed poll document to make it legal. This statutory declaration formally records the change. Using a new name informally won’t cut it for updating records.

Yep, a UK enrolled deed poll will be accepted to modify your passport name. Send it along with the application form and other docs needed to switch your passport details.

Our standard adult deed poll is £49.95 Child deed polls are £49.95. We offer other options too like premium and family bundles. Overall, our prices are clear and low.

Once we get your details it takes 1-7 days to prepare the deed poll depending on the package you selected at the time of ordering. Notifying agencies of the change and updating records can take 4-6 weeks, depending on their response times.

You can legally change a child’s name if you have parental responsibility. A child deed poll is slightly different from the adult version. We handle all the documents and help guide you with notifications to make the process easier.

Absolutely! Our family bundle allows both adults and minors to change their names together. We provide all the paperwork for the whole household.

Our UK team is always happy to help. Reach out today to discuss your specific name change needs.