Types of Deed Poll

Change Your Name Legally with Deed Poll UK 

A Deed Poll from Deed Poll UK legally verifies name changes – ensuring recognition of new identities on personal, professional and official documents.

We provide specially tailored Deed Polls facilitating smooth transitions to altered names. Our core offerings include:

Adult Deed Polls

Our convenient online Adult Deed Polls officially change the names of individuals over 16. Options allow amending titles, specifying non-binary choices like Mx and retaining original professional names if desired.

Child Deed Polls 

Through Child Deed Polls, legally change the names of minors under 16. We generate the certified documents required to update your child’s name on all official and organisational records.

Family Deed Polls 

For full households undergoing name changes, our bundled Family Deed Polls minimize admin. Purchase legally valid name change documents for your whole family in one streamlined application.

Replacement Deed Polls

When original Deed Poll documents go missing, our Replacement Deed Polls reconfirm name changes. These duplicate certificates solidify usage of new names since initial changes occurred.

Certifying Important Documents 

We certify copies of original Deed Polls purchased through Deed Poll UK upon request, validating their authenticity. Uncertified photocopies often fail to meet legal admissibility standards.

Partnering for Successful Name Changes

Our extensive expertise makes the name change process smooth from Deed Poll paperwork to notifications. We partner to ensure new identities integrate seamlessly into your life.

Prioritising Convenience, Legality and Privacy

Deed Poll UK prepare valid documentation while maximising privacy – no public listings of data sharing.

Take the First Step Under Your New Name 

We streamline required name change processes discreetly. Trust Deed Poll UK’s decades of experience for affordable, legal UK name changes done properly.

Ready to formalise your name change?

We’re pleased to guide you through our straightforward service ordering your tailored Deed Poll. Act now to transition your identity securely and conveniently.




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