Free Name Change Check List

Embracing Your New Identity: Name Change Guidance

Taking Charge After Your Legal Name Change

Thank you for completing your exciting name change through Deed Poll UK, a leading provider of name change services in the UK. We wish you an uplifting transition embracing your renewed identity!

To integrate your name, change seamlessly across all aspects of life, use this checklist to methodically track required notifications:

Government entities

  • Inform HMRC to update tax/National Insurance records
  • Change driving licence details via the DVLA website
  • Renew passport by submitting Deed Poll certificate
  • Align new name to medical/benefits systems
Having key identification documents recognize the change proves vitally important

Financial organisations

  • Notify banks and credit card companies directly
  • Update insurance policies, pension and investment accounts
  • Modify contracts with mortgage, leasing and lending providers
  • Check credit agency files reflect recent name change
  • Ensure property deeds and rental agreements integrate new name
Maintaining access to accounts and credit ensures a smooth transition

Service providers

  • Change name on subscription and membership accounts
  • Update retail/store loyalty card holder identities
  • Contact utility companies (gas, electric, water, broadband)
  • Adjust mobile phone account holder details
Day-to-day services warrant awareness of name changes

Employment & education

  • Send deed poll to employers' HR and payroll departments
  • Align workplace personnel records and email addresses
  • Add name change details to academic certificates
  • Amend CVs/resumes to showcase updated name
Employment and qualifications require accuracy around new names

Online presences

  • Modify display name on email accounts
  • Change profiles on websites and social media
  • Update online portfolio/work bylines
Digital spaces enable embracing identities more wholly

We are delighted to have officially enacted your name change milestone through Deed Poll UK. If any guidance is needed during your transition, please contact our friendly team!

Continuity Support from Deed Poll UK

Even after formally changing your name, questions around cementing recognition can arise when renewing identification, travelling abroad or accessing insurance. Our post-change support team remains on hand to ensure your new identity integrates smoothly long term across UK institutions. We empower you to embrace each chapter carefreely.


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