Why do people change their name?

Changing Your Identity: Why Brits opt for a Deed Poll 

Have you considered changing your legal name? At Deed Poll UK, we help thousands reshape their identity each year via a legal document called a deed poll.

A Deed Poll serves as evidence you’ve adopted a new name and allows updating records from passports to bank accounts. With a simple online application through Deed Poll UK, you can gain the freedom to formally be called as you wish.

We witness people alter their names for all walks of life. Whether due to marriage, divorce, discomfort with your birth name, gender transition, converting faiths, honoring family, using a stage moniker day-to-day or seeking something unique, Deed Poll UK supports your right to identify as you desire within legal parameters.

Common motivations our customers cite when using our fast, hassle-free deed poll service include:


  • Brides taking their spouse’s surname, with their maiden name becoming a middle name
  • Mothers ensuring children from a past relationship share their new family name after remarriage
  • Partners creating a double-barreled last name by combining surnames upon marriage
  • Transgender individuals adopting forenames and titles aligning with their gender
  • Performers making their stage name official for all identification
  • Estranged adults distancing themselves from parents through an updated surname
  • Those embracing ancestral heritage discovered via genealogical records
  • People seeking an entirely fresh start with a name change after a major life event

The professionals at Deed Poll UK handle everything from application to certificates to notify relevant agencies like HM Passport Office, DVLA, banks and exam boards. Learn more about our simple name change process online and take the first steps towards calling yourself by your preferred name.





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