Why is it called a Deed Poll?

Why is it called a Deed Poll?

Changing Your Identity with Deed Poll UK

At Deed Poll UK, we make changing your name simple. Whether for marriage, divorce, or personal preference, our online deed polls help update your identity quickly and legally.

What Is a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll is a legal document that allows you to alter your name. It acts as a formal declaration before the law, cementing your new title for use on everything from bank accounts to passports.

Historically called a “Deed” because it made a serious promise, and “Polled” since the document’s clean-cut edge showed its singular nature, deed polls today retain their power while simplifying the process.

With Deed Poll UK, making that change is easier than ever.

Our Straightforward Service

At Deed Poll UK, we provide deed polls for changing names online, without the hassle of printers or messing around, simply complete the online application form and your Deed Poll will mailed by post or courier within 1-7 business days depending on the service and delivery method selected at checkout.

Whether you need an adult deed poll, child deed poll, or a family bundle for a household name change, we handle it all. Simply enter some basic details, confirm your identity, and we produce a legally valid document for instant use.

Register with us in minutes and say goodbye to outdated titles. Your new name awaits!

A Modern Approach to Identity

Times change, and names should too. Updating yours at Deed Poll UK means:

  • A quick and secure online application
  • Legally valid documents sent directly to your home
  • Competitive prices with value added services
  • Customer support whenever you need us

With intelligence and care, we refresh identities for the 21st century. Our convenient process makes it simple to get the name you want.

Begin your journey with Deed Poll UK today.

Discover our affordable Deed Polls and friendly service by applying now.





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