Who can apply for a Deed Poll?

Transform Your Identity with Deed Poll UK

Changing your name marks a momentous occasion in one’s life. Whether due to marriage, divorce, dissatisfaction with your given name, or a longing to reshape your identity, Deed Poll UK empowers you to make it officially recognised. We provide a smooth path to gaining a legal name change for adults and children alike.

Our intuitive online service handles everything from start to finish, minimising hassle so you can focus on embracing your new name. No morequeues or confusing paperwork – just a few clicks and our convenient app takes care of the rest.

**Adults Take Charge of Their Identity**

Any adult aged 16+ can apply for an Adult Deed Poll with us. You simply login and enter your current details and new name. Once submitted, we’ll issue your official deed poll document straight away. Use this to update your name on passports, driving licenses, banks, and anywhere else it appears.

The process is quick, secure and endorses your autonomy in choosing the name that reflects you!

**Younger Family Members Require Guardian Consent**

For children under 16, a Child Deed Poll needs consent from all guardians with parental responsibility. This ensures the name change protects their welfare. Once approved, we’ll provide the sealed Deed Poll for updating their identity documents.

We’re here to advise parents on this straightforward process from start to finish.

**Special Circumstances**

Whilst many newlyweds adopt their partner’s last name without a deed poll, any other changes do need official recognition. We’re ready to help you gain it through our service.

Finally, all adult deed polls require an impartial witness to verify your name change intent. We’ll guide you through meeting this essential requirement.

**A Milestone for All**

However you came to change your name, Deed Poll UK celebrates your right to an identity aligning with who you are today. We simplify the legal process so you can swiftly move ahead as the authentic you.

Visit our HOMEPAGE or simply press APPLY NOW on any page to get started and embrace your new name. The renewed confidence it brings will be our greatest reward.





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