Obtaining a copy of your lost Deed Poll

Replace Your Lost UK Deed Poll Legally

Obtaining a copy of your lost Deed Poll

At Deed Poll UK, we make legally changing your name simple

Losing important documents like your Deed Poll can be stressful. But Deed Poll UK is here to help guide you through replacing your lost name change paperwork quickly and affordably.

As experts in UK name changes for many years, we provide legally valid Deed Polls and solutions for:

– Adults wishing to change their name

– Parents wanting to change a child’s name

– Families needing to update their surnames

Our skilled Deed Poll UK team knows this process inside out. We offer step-by-step support so you can change names smoothly whether you lost or need to amend previous documents.

Obtaining A Copy of Your Lost Deed Poll

If we issued your original Deed Poll and you used our archive service, we can provide a certified legal copy from our records. Just complete our online form.

If your lost Deed Poll was not issued by Deed Poll UK, replacement options depend on whether it was enrolled in court. We can advise the most suitable approach, so you have legally valid name change documentation without hassle.

Replacing Lost Statutory Declarations

As Statutory Declarations are one-off original documents, no central registers exist. But our popular, low-cost Deed Polls are accepted everywhere and avoid the need for sworn oaths before Commissioners. So they make perfect replacements.

Completing Your Replacement Application

Our experts are ready to assist completing your replacement forms. We’ll include declarations of when you started using your new name if needed for lost historical changes. Just ask us if you require any help.

For affordable, legally valid name changes without hassle, count on the Deed Poll UK experts!

Get in touch today to start your replacement documentation.





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