A woman’s rights upon marriage

UK Brides’ Name Change Options Through Marriage

A woman’s rights upon marriage

At Deed Poll UK, we simplify the name change process for recently married women. Updating your identity can feel daunting, but our supportive team guides you through each step.

Contrary to popular belief, taking your spouse’s last name automatically does not occur through marriage. You have options – keep your maiden name, take his surname, double-barrel, or create a new blended name.

If you hyphenate or combine names, use our online deed poll service to ensure the change is legally recognised across all your identification, accounts and memberships. For non-English marriage certificates, a certified translation or deed poll may be needed too.

We can also facilitate additional modifications like updating your title to Mrs., adding maiden name middle names, or changing first names. Our application accommodates all name change needs for married women.

With your employer’s permission, you can even continue professionally using your maiden name after changing it legally. Acting on behalf of a company grants certain name usage rights.

This exciting new chapter brings lots of decisions – let Deed Poll UK support you through each one!

We have the resources to inform newly married women on all available name change options and handle required documentation.

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