Making Your Name Change Simple with Deed Poll UK

Changing your name can feel proper daunting, even when it’s for something brilliant like marriage or sorting legal bits to be your true self. That’s why Deed Poll UK is here to help, innit. We want to make the whole process easy as pie so you can focus on the fun parts!

At Deed Poll UK, we’ve sorted countless name changes over the years. We know all the admin bits inside out. So, you’ll have no worries leaving the paperwork to us while you crack on with your exciting new chapter!

What We’ll Sort for You

Once you’ve had a chat with ours team about changing your name, here’s what we’ll handle:

– Prepare your official Deed Poll certificate with all the legal wording

– Give you step-by-step guidance on updating everywhere needed

– Help advise notify organisations about your new moniker

– Have your back if any issues crop up down the line

We’ll take care of all the tedious paperwork and calls so you can spend your time picturing how chuffed your face will look with your fresh new name.

Why You Might Fancy A Name Change

People decide to change their names for all sorts of personal reasons – marriage, divorce, honouring family, transitioning gender, religion, safety…you name it!

Whatever your situation, we’ll give you our full support with kindness and confidentiality.

This is about you feeling YOU more!

We Can’t Wait to Help You Out!

We know changing your identity is a big step full of emotions. As your deed poll partners, we’ll be there answering questions and backing you up so everything feels sorted.

Shoot us a message whenever – we are standing by for a natter about your exciting name change!





The Process is Simple

Changing your name legally in the UK using a deed poll makes updating everything easy peasy.

– Just submit your details online to kick things off

– We’ll send your personalised deed poll certificate

– Then you can start spreading the news!

– If you ever need guidance, we’re only a chat away


Are you ready?

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