Changing Maiden Name

Use your maiden name or change maiden name to something else.

If you’d like to keep the maiden name you were given after getting married and you wish to change the title of your name to Ms or Ms such as it is not necessary to get the deed of poll. Also, you don’t require a change in the passport. Social titles aren’t included in U.K. passports.

In the event that you marry and acquire the title of noble that is acknowledged as to be a part of your personal name and requires you to alter your passport. However, you do not require to get a deed-poll. Refer to the section for changing your name for further details.

Name of your spouse

If you’d like to switch your surname to the name of your partner and vice versa, there is no need for an deed-poll. If your marriage certificate contains both your maiden name and your spouse’s name, the wedding certificate can be used as proof that you have changed your name.

Notify the authorities that organizations like HM Passport Office will only take your marriage certificate or an official, authenticated copy.

You can use your partner’s name but continue to use your first name as a professional

If you’d like to alter the name of your spouse to that of your surname, and still retain your maiden name for well-qualified purposes it is not necessary to have the deed’s pollyou can follow the same guidelines to you as if the change was to your name for any reason.

If you are renewing your passport under a new name, you must provide a declaration informing the recipient that you’ll continue to make use of your maiden name as a professional and for any other reasons you’ve changed the name of the person you are sharing it with. It can be done on the section 8. ( “More information”) on the form for passport applications or in an extra document. The new passport will be issued under the name of your spouse as well as an extra note indicating the maiden name of your spouse will be in the form of a statement that reads:

The HOLDER is also known as (your full name, forename and the maiden name)

Name of your spouse however, you can use your maiden name your middle name

If you’d like to switch your name to that of your spouse and you keep your maiden name an alternative middle name, it can be considered to be changing your name and will require an deed-poll – a marriage certificate will not be suitable.

In the example above, if your last name prior to marriage was Mary Jones and your partner’s name is SMITH and you want in order to change your name Mary Jones SMITH it is necessary to obtain a deed petition.

However, while there are some companies might consider a marriage to be acceptable in the purpose of this, in our experience, there are instances where organizations demand a deed of poll. This is a case of borderline, and we’re unable to provide an exhaustive list of organizations who will and won’t allow the marriage certificate. In order to update your passport with your new name there is a strong indication to be essential, compatible to our personal knowledge — in contrast to the guidelines in the Passport Office’s guidelines previously. We recommend to have the deed survey as evidence of the change in your name. If you don’t, you could not be able renew your passport under the name you have changed to.

However, there is the choice to double-barrel the partner and you surnames with the marriage certificate such as to create Mary Jones-Smith.

maiden nameDouble-barrelled surname

In the event that you and your companion are planning to adopt the other’s name in double-barrelled names and you know exactly from where the name was derived from, then your marriage certificate will be sufficient proof that you have changed your nameand you do not require the deed of poll.

It is important to note that if there isn’t certain how the surname with double bars is formed from, the name could be considered a brand new surname, and you’ll have to get to submit a deed-poll as proof that you have changed your name. In other words If your surname is Jones while the name of your partner Smith, Smith (or Smith), the names Jones Smith Smith and Smith Jones will appear to be both clearly related to the surnames of your partners, so the deed is not required to alter your surname. (It does not matter in what sequence you place the surnames in or if you make use of hyphens.) The surname Cox-Joness-Smith doesn’t have a clear ancestor because it adds a new component.

Even though the double-barrelled surname is becoming more well-known, you could still struggle to get your marriage certificate recognised by certain independent organizations like banks. It’s therefore an ideal idea to refresh your passport.

The passport you have updated can be a strong evidence of the new name and organizations have a legal obligation to recognize changes in information under the

In the event, on contrary you don’t plan on changing your passport anytime soon (it’s the cost at PS 82.50 however it’s not required by law to update it) If you don’t, then think about changing your name through a deed-poll, in order to spare you any trouble.

A new surname will be formed based on you and your partner’s names

If you’d like to change to a name that’s not your partner’s and doesn’t simply a simple double-barrelling of your as well as your partner’s surnames then you’ll require the deed of poll. the marriage certificate won’t be enough to prove that you have changed your name.

How do you change your name?

Change your name in the event of getting married is an additional issue, since the majority of couples would like to leave for a foreign destination shortly after their wedding. It is important to think about what time you’d like to alter the name of your passport because the name you have on your passport must be the same as the name under which you make your booking. If the name that appears on your passport does not match that of your booking

  • certain countries might not allow people in.
  • Certain travel companies might be unable to allow you to board their planes

The options you have in this situation are contingent upon whether a name change is a requirement for an election by deed or if the marriage certificate will suffice (as previously explained).

If your name change requires a deed poll

If you are in need of the deed of a poll to show evidence that your identity has changed there are two choices:

Make sure you sign your deed-poll documents at the time of the wedding

If you plan to sign the deed at the time of your wedding day, it is recommended to order your deed-poll well in advance in order to avoid delay. Once you’ve completed the deed, you should keep the documents in the home you’ve chosen until your come back home from a trip abroad after which you’ll have the option to change the name on your passport.

Complete your deeds poll forms when you return from your trip

If you’re not planning to sign your deed-poll at the time of the ceremony, you could or order it ahead regardless and then sign it after you get back to your home country, or wait until when you are back from your overseas travels before placing an order.

Your marriage certificate can be enough proof of the name change

If you’re not in need of the deed of a poll as long as your marriage certificate provides sufficient proof, then there are three possibilities:

Use your passport under the old name, then request your passport at the time you are back from a trip abroad

A much more straightforward solution is to travel using your original name and then request an extra passport once you return from your international travel. If you do not are in a position for not to travel with the name you used to travel in it is recommended that you make all of the travel arrangements you make using your original name. This will be in line with your passport. Then, start changing all of your information to your new name when you return to your to your home.

Get a post-dated passport under your new name prior to your wedding

HM Passport Office can change the passport’s name at least three months prior to the wedding ceremony. They’ll take away your passport, and then issue you with a an entirely new passport. Your new passport will be issued post-dated. It signifies that that you can’t use it prior to the date of the wedding.

If you’d like to purchase post-dated passports it is necessary to fill in the following form

  1. The standard passport application form
  2. The post-date form the post-date form (part that must be filled out by the person responsible for the ceremony)

It is important to keep the following other issues when making an application for a post-dated passport:

  1. You’ll have to bring your passport with valid details at HM Passport Office
  2. This passport will be canceled in the event that it is cancelled, so you won’t be able to utilize the passport for travel
  3. The passport you receive post-dated by the Post Office is valid from the day of your wedding ceremony.
  4. It will be impossible to apply for a passport until your wedding ceremony is complete
  5. Some consulates are unable to issue visas for post-dated passports. If you need an entry visa, it is recommended to inquire with the consulate of the nation you’ll be traveling for prior to arranging your vacation.
  6. If the event is delayed or cancelled or postponed, the person who performed the ceremony needs to notify HM Passport Office
  7. If the wedding ceremony is canceled The passport that was post-dated must be handed back at HM Passport Office along with an explanation in writing. HM Passport Office won’t automatically provide you with a new passport and you’ll have to apply for a fresh passport

Contact us for your name change queries

Utilize your passport that is current and bring your marriage certificate on your next trip

If you are a holder of an active passport and have a valid passport, you might have the opportunity of using the passport along with documents for travel in the name of your spouse in the event that you carry the marriage certificate along on your trip. But, (as noted above) certain countries as well as some travel firms may demand that the data in your travel documents match with the information on your passport. When you are planning your trip, you should check with the following:

  • the consulate of the nation that you’re traveling to
  • your travel agent that you’ve booked your vacation through
  • your travel company which you’ll travel with
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