Changing Your Middle Name After Marriage – A Deed Poll Guide

In the UK, modifying your name after marriage is a common practice. Often, people talk about changing surnames, but what if you want to change your middle name? Whether you wish to adopt your maiden name as your new middle name or have other reasons, the deed poll to change middle name after marriage is your legal avenue to do so.

What is a Deed Poll?

Understanding the Deed Poll Process:

A deed poll is a legal document that allows an individual to officially change any part or all of their name. It’s a straightforward and widely recognized method across the UK.

How It Applies to Middle Names:

  • Specifics of changing middle names
  • Why a deed poll is necessary

Marriage and Name Changes

The Tradition of Name Changing:

Discuss the history and tradition of changing names after marriage and how it has evolved to include various aspects of one’s identity, including middle names.

Why Change Your Middle Name:

  • Personal reasons for changes
  • Symbolic meanings

The Process of Changing Your Middle Name After Marriage

Using a Deed Poll:

Provide a detailed, step-by-step guide to using a deed poll to change middle name after marriage.

Steps Involved:

  1. Application: Filling out the deed poll application with the correct details.
  2. Witnessing: Having it witnessed as required by law.
  3. Notification: Informing all relevant parties and institutions of your new name.


Notifying Relevant Authorities

Who to Inform:

After changing your name, certain authorities and organizations need to be notified. List these and explain the process for each.

Official Documents to Update:

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Bank details

Tips for a Smooth Transition

Advice for a Seamless Name Change:

Share tips and tricks to ensure the name change process goes smoothly, emphasizing organization and preparation.


  • Create a list of organizations to inform
  • Prepare supporting documents
  • Update social media and informal use

Insights Gained:

  • Personal motivations
  • Impact on personal and professional life


Reiterate the simplicity and importance of the deed poll to change middle name after marriage. Encourage readers to take control of their names and how they wish to be identified.


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