How to Change Name by Deed Poll

Change name by deed-poll

It is not necessary to comply with a legal procedure in order to begin together your new name. However, you may need to apply for the ‘deed’ poll in order to request or alter official documents such as the driving license or passport.

There are different regulations for change of name within Scotland.

What is a Deed Poll?

A deed poll constitutes a legally binding document which lets a person alter their identity. The document acts as proof of the name change. It can be recognized by many organizations, such as the government, financial institutions and even educational institutions. Contrary to other methods for changing one’s name for example, the common practice of marriage or usage an deed-poll is legal certainty and a legally enforceable method to make the alteration.

Why Change Name By Deed Poll?

Many people choose to alter their names due to a myriad of reasons. And the option of doing so through a the deed process has several advantages:

Legal Recognition The act of changing your name through deeds gives legal recognition to your name change, assuring that it’s recognized by government agencies as well as various other institutions.

Clearness and Security The Deed Poll provides an easy and formalized procedure to change your name ensuring clarity and certainty during the entire process of changing.

Official Documentation By taking the benefit of a deed-poll it’s easy to change the official documentation, such as passports, driving licences, as well as bank accounts, in order to show your updated name.

Personal Expression Many people change of name is an extremely personal declaration of self-identity, which allows individuals to connect their identity to their authentic their own identity.

How to Change Name by Deed Poll
How to Change Name by Deed Poll


Get a deed poll

A deed-poll is an official document that demonstrates the change in name. You are able to alter any aspect of your name. You can also add or delete names and punctuation marks, and change spelling.

There are two methods to obtain a deed-poll. You can either:

  • Make an unenrolled self-deed poll
  • Apply for an “enrolled” deed-poll

You should ask the organization which you’re dealing with (for example, your bank) what kind of deed they will accept for proof of the new name you’ve chosen.

If you’re a resident permanent abroad, you are unable to alter your name through a deed the poll.

Do an “unenrolled” Deed Poll

You are able to alter your name on your own when you’re 16 years old or more.

You can apply for an “enrolled” deed-poll

“Enrolling” in a deed survey is putting your name and address on the public register.

It is necessary to apply at the Royal Courts of Justice to obtain an “enrolled” deed survey together the deed-poll procedure. It will cost you PS48.32.

Only you can enrol in yourself in a name change only for those who are 18 years old or older. This process differs from the one used when you altering the name of a child who is younger than 18..

Civil partnership and marriage

It is not necessary to have an deed to get your spouse’s surname. You can send a copy of your marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate to the record holder for example, benefit offices. The documents you submit will be reviewed at no cost.

If you decide to divorce or terminate your civil partnership, you must end your

There is a possibility that you can return to your initial name by showing the record-holders you:

  • wedding certificate, decree of absolute.
  • civil partnership certificate and the final order

Some organizations won’t modify your name without conducting a deed-poll.

If you’re an offender registered with the police

The police must be informed that you’ve changed your name in three days of becoming legally registered.

  • Sexual offender
  • A violent offender
  • Criminals who commit terrorist acts

It is necessary to visit your nearest police station that is prescribed for this. The location will be on your publication.

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