How to Change Name Legally in the UK

How to Start Your Name Change Process

Secure Online Application

Start by logging into our online secure application form to apply to apply for the Adult or Child Deed Poll. Make sure your application has been submitted and paid via our secure payment system. If submitted before 3pm on a weekday, your application will be processed on the next day and your Deed Poll will be dispatched within 2 business days.

Receiving and Signing Your Deed Poll

When you get the Deed Poll and any duplicates via First Class Post (within two working days of ordering if it is ordered before 3 pm on a weekday) You must follow the instructions that are in the enclosed manual to sign your documents correctly, date the documents, and then have them verified.


Understanding the Deed Poll Documentation

What’s Included in Your Deed Poll Package?

The Deed Poll package will include the Deed Poll itself, any required duplicates, as well as comprehensive guidelines for executing the Deed Poll and notifying relevant organisations. An outline of a cover letter that will aid you in notifying the appropriate bodies is included. It will benefit you easily update information such as the driver’s license, passport as well as bank card.

The Role of the UK Deed Poll Office

Commitment to Service

The UK Deed Poll Office is committed to offering an outstanding service that offers a cost-effective name change service that’s secure and efficient. The Deed Poll will be printed on a high-quality, durable paper. It will be it will be delivered discreetly in an envelope.

Reasons and Regulations for Changing Your Name

Common Reasons for a Name Change

Some people decide to change their names due to various personal reasons like divorce or marriage or even as a way of identity redefining. We encourage you to make this important change without difficulty and with confidence.

Legal Restrictions and Considerations

There are a few legal constraints to take into consideration when selecting an alternative name for the UK. You must avoid names that could be considered insulting or infringe upon the rights of intellectual property. Names that are excessively simple or appear to be mononyms might have difficulty being accepted by the official authorities.

Advice for Non-Citizens on Changing Names in the UK

If you’re an UK resident, but you aren’t an American citizen, it is recommended to check with your Embassy to learn about the impact of a name change for the legal status of your name. It is crucial to assure the name change is legally recognized by the country you are a citizen of.

Copyrighting Your New Name after Name Change

The most crucial requirement to make change of name in the legal sense within the UK is to make use of your new name only throughout your daily life. It is a way to assure that the lawful acceptance of your new name on every official document as well as personal IDs.


Contact us to legally change your name in the UK or copyright your name in the UK.

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