How to change name on DVLA

If you are changing your name, you need the peace of mind that is provided by updating important documents with your new identity.

With the number of people whom you have to inform of the change in your name, your driver’s licence could be neglected. However, the DVLA is the sole organization that requires in law to warrant that your driving licence be in line with your name change, making it crucial to make sure you do this!

It is common to request the passport or driver’s licence to prove identity. In the event that you do not have the correct passport, not changing the name of your licence can lead to grave roadblocks.

It’s good to know that the process for change the name of the driving license is more straightforward process than you think – and one we’re willing to benefit you out with as well. Look over our Award-winning NameSwitch tools

In this post this article, we’ll show you the steps needed to alter the name that appears on your driver’s license and the registration certificate for your vehicle (V5C).

What documents will I require in order to change name of my driving license?

Are you a driver with a vehicle or motorcycle license? Then you’ll have to complete the “D1 Application for a Driving Licence” application form.

If you’re applying for an lorry license or a bus it’s necessary to submit an “D2 Application for a Lorry/Bus Licence” Form.

It’s not possible to apply on the internet. The forms are available for pick from many post office locations. The D1 package is accessible in Welsh as well. If you’ve purchased the NameSwitch Print Package, or DeedPoll Premium Print Package the D1 application form will be part of your package.

After you’ve completed the form, you need to send it to DVLA together with your photocard or driving license as well as the document(s) that prove you are legally entitled to change your name.

A tip to remember! Remember that original certificates have to be presented for proof of a change of name. The DVLA cannot accept any kind of photocopy, no matter if it’s an imagecopy or the certified copy. The copy must be original.

The DVLA are currently working through an influx of applications submitted since the beginning of the epidemic, which means this process takes much longer than usual. It could take a period that is more than 4 weeks until your driver’s license arrives but your old documents will be sent back to you prior to that. It is only possible to contact the DVLA for questions after your date for processing is over therefore be ready to sit and wait.

While you’re waiting, it’s an excellent idea to snap photos or a copy of your driver’s license before posting your original so that at least there’s a copy of it in case you require the license.

You’re able to drive when the renewal of your license provided you don’t have any previous driving violations and medical limitations.

What should one do to change name on DVLA?

Step 1: Complete the D1/D2 form.

  • Incomplete Section 1: Check box to change my personal name to match my license” only
  • Complete Section 2: Include your name and title changed in the main boxes. You will also need to put your prior name on the box that is below.
  • Completion of Section 5*: If you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, fill in Section 5*: British Passport – include the Passport number if you have the British Passport. There is no need to fill out Section 5B.
  • Completion of Section 5B*: If you don’t have an British Passport – Tick box that contains the type of evidence you are attaching along with any document number or reference.
  • Stipulate Section 7: Sign in your brand new name!

Note: If you hold an BRITISH passport (in the old or your new name) you must complete Section 5: You will have no need to look anything up in 5B. Alternatively, you can send something in support of your identification (i.e. you should not mail your passport) Your passport’s number is sufficient.

Second step: Email this to the DVLA:

  • D1 Application Formula
  • The current driver’s license photo is on your driving licence.
  • Your marriage certificate from the beginning or civil partnership registration/decree absolute/deed poll (depending of the method and reason you renamed yourself)

Your driver’s license and identification papers will be delivered back to you in different times by second class mail.

It is recommended to include an envelope for delivery that is self-addressed available from the postoffice for additional security that your original documents is returned. Note down the number of the tracking.

What is the cost to change name on my driver’s license?

It’s good to know that it’s free to modify the name of your driving licenses. Only in the event that your photocard is taken or lost.

Does a photograph have to be taken to change name on driver’s license?

If you’ve got the photocard license, no there’s no need for an additional photograph. If you’re not able to get a photocard permit yet, it’s a must to provide passport-like photos.

Do I have the ability to change my address and my surname?

Yes! It is possible to update your address, if necessary, on the D1 driver’s license application form as well as on the V5C registration of your vehicle.

How can I alter my name on the V5C registration documents simultaneously?

If you fail to change your registration documents for your vehicle (V5C also known as the log book) You’re at risk of the possibility of a PS1000 penalty. However, it’s simple to accomplish and you don’t have to concers about it.

Make sure to write your new name in complete in the section 6 of your car’s logbook (careful not to mark”new keeper” in the “new keeper” box) Include a separate note stating that the name you’ve chosen has changed. (We’ll help in providing an template cover letter to use in sending everything to DVLA.)

In the event that you’ve misplaced your form V5C it is required in order to serve the DVLA substitute V62 form. It’s expensive for this, so it’s worth looking for the V5C form.

A tip for you! The address for the driver’s licence as well as the V5C differs, therefore you’ll need to mail each one in separate applications. The V5C can be sent together with a photocopy or copy of your marriage certificate/civil partnership registration, decree absolute/deed poll. Unlike the driver’s license, the DVLA does not require an original document for changing the names on the logbook.

How long will the process of change name on DVLA take?

Normally, it will be about three weeks. But the DVLA is working through the backlog of applications, which means this process takes much longer than normal. This means it may take more than 4 weeks until your driver’s license is issued. However, the original document are due to be returned for you to be returned before.

You can check on the following link to get an idea of how long your application will take to be processed:

This process could be slow down when the DVLA is able to verify your personal and health information.

How long will the process of changing the name of a vehicle Registration (V5C) change of name modification process?

It may take as much up to six weeks for you to be able to receive your new logbook which is why if you have a vehicle that is due for taxing be sure to pay your tax on the internet or at the local post office prior to when you mail it for the DVLA.

What is the name change for the driving license process differs in Northern Ireland?

Yes, it is. People living in Northern Ireland will need to visit the site.

change name on DVLA
change name on DVLA

What else should I complete?

If you’re keen to become efficient, make sure you have what we refer to as the “Trilogy of Paperwork for Driving’ in place! This involves coordinating the following three forms:

  • V5C
  • Driving license
  • Car insurance policy

An insurance claim is difficult enough and it’s no more stressful without the additional worry of having names that aren’t match.

Remember, we’re here for you to make the process of changing your name easier should you wish to move swiftly to complete your name change.

A typical person is required to notify 24 different government entities and businesses which they have to inform about their changes in name. Deciding who has what is a daunting task and can take fourteen hours of exhausting stopping, starting research or letter writing as well as the filling of forms.

We have helped more than 500+ UK businesses and individuals on their license and change name processes – with increasing numbers added every day. We offer a variety of services at a reasonable cost. Our plans will help you to contact the appropriate government agencies and businesses faster and easier. It will be easy to know that knowing that you’re doing it correctly every time.



Driving Licence Name Change in the UK

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