Change name on passport in the UK

You can change name on passport in the UK

The passport’s name must be consistent with your actual name. If your name has changed, you must have your passport renewed under the new name. It is the same if you make the change by deed poll or altering your name in the course of your separation, marriage, divorce or following the signing of the civil partnership.

In every case it is necessary apply for a brand new passport for 10 years (five years for children). Your existing passport will be canceled, and all unused time will be erased. If the passport you are currently together has an unissued visa, it might be deemed invalid, and it is necessary to verify with the authority that issued your passport to determine if the visa on the passport that was cancelled can use (you may request that your cancelled passport to be given back in your name). If it is not, you’ll be required to apply again for a visa.

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1. You are applying for a passport under the name of a person who is not identical to your name that appears that appears on the birth certificate

If you’re applying for your first passport, and your name that you’re called by is not the same as the birth certificate, you’ll have to include along with your passport application document referred to as the Deed Poll (also known as the change of Name Deed) showing the name you have changed from birth name to the one that you’re popularly known under.

Note that it doesn’t matter if there is no documentation of your prior name changes. Perhaps your name changed as in your early years and you can’t locate any documentation of the name change. The most important thing is that the Deed Poll document you send to the passport office indicates the name change from the name you were born with to the name that you’re commonly known as. So, when filling out your Deed Poll application form, you must enter your birth name into the name boxes that you are currently using as well as your name of current in the name boxes of your new name. This ensures that you warrant that your Deed Poll document shows the proper name change, which is acceptable to authorities at the passport office.

2. Change your name on passport after the change of name through Deed Poll

If you decide to change your legal name with a Deed Poll, your Deed Poll document will be recognized at the border office to serve as official proof of the change in your name. It is important to note that the Deed Poll will also be acknowledged by the majority of United Kingdom government departments and institutions, corporations and agencies in order to allow you to obtain every other document and documents changed or issued with your new identity, such as your UK driving license and accounts with banks, credit cards as well as medical records.

Once you have sent your application for passport at the Passport Office, you simply have to attach the Deed Poll document.


3. You can change name on passport in the event of marriage or civil union

If you’ve recently been wed and want to use the surname of your spouse or husband then your wedding certificate will be recognized at the office of passports as a documentary confirmation of your new name. If you’ve joined the civil partnership, and you wish to adopt your partner’s name the civil partnership certificate is accepted. The passport office can also take a marriage certificate or a certificate of civil partnership to prove a changing to a double-barrelled or double-barrelled surname i.e. the surname you have combined with your spouse’s, or civil partner’s surname e.g. Smith-Jones or Smith Jones. In each of these situations the requirement for Smith-Jones or Smith Jones is the correct choice. Deed Poll is not required to apply for a passport. The passport application forms are readily at the post office of most.

Note that while the government will allow an official marriage certificate or a civil partnership certificate as proof of your name on passport, several organizations and companies won’t, including banks. This means that you will require the Deed Poll to get your government-issued documents and records converted to a double-barrelled name. If you want to take a different route than adopt your spouse’s name or double-barrel your name then you must submit an Deed Poll. Click on the relevant button below to find out more information.

If you’re adopting your partner’s name, or creating a double-barrelled surname after your wedding or civil partnership, you may request a passport under your name as long as three months prior to your ceremony however, you won’t be allowed to utilize the new passport until date of the ceremony.


4. You can change name on passport at departure

If you would like to revert to your original name prior to wedding or civil partnership, you’ll have to alter your name with a Deed Poll and after that, apply for a new passport that includes the Deed Poll document to serve as a documentary confirmation of your name change. Also, you can make use of the Deed Poll to get all of your official documents and records altered back.


5. The name you use to identify yourself in your passport after divorce or the end of the civil partnership

If you would like to return to your previous name prior to wedding or civil partnership, you just have to request a passport renewal and attach the decree absolute certificate, or civil partnership dissolution document. Additionally, you should include the signature of a person who confirms that you’re with your previous name to all other purposes.

It is important to note that although the passport office can issue a passport under the name of your previous one however, you might still have to obtain an Deed Poll because many companies as well as organizations, particularly those that deal with financial institutions, need the use of a Deed Poll to make any changes to your records of name. The best way to know the need for the Deed Poll is to contact anyone you interact with, such as your building society, bank as well as your credit card company mortgage firm, etc. and inquire about their policies regarding change of name in the event of divorce or the dissolution of a civil partnership.


6. You can change name on passport of your child

If you are planning to alter the name of the passport of your child (or you’re trying to get a new passport under a name distinct from the one on the birth certificate of your child) You will require the permission of every person who is responsible for the child’s care, which will be required prior to issuance of the child’s Deed Poll. So, if you are applying to have the child’s Deed Poll to be issued, you must send us an authorization letter which is signed by every person in charge of the responsibility of being a parent. The signed letter will be delivered along with the child’s Deed Poll and then sent into the Passport Office with your child’s Deed Poll.


7. Application for an British passport while abroad

If you’re an British citizen living abroad There is an online application process to apply for your passport that you have to adhere to. To learn how to obtain a passport in the overseas go here.

Be aware that it’s crucial to study the notes of the passport office to apply for the British passport from abroad This can be done.


8. Contacting HM Passport Office

The Consultation with the Passport Office of HM at 0300 2220000. They are open from 8am until 8pm, Monday through Friday. They are also open from 9am until 5.30pm on weekends and holiday. Alternatively, you can visit the passport section of the UK government’s website by clicking the hyperlink (opens new browser). Packs for passport applications are readily available at most Post Offices, but applying via postal mail costs PS9.50 higher.


If you live in the UK, you can apply online for your British passport by
clicking on this link (opens new window). If you live outside the UK, you can apply online for your passport by clicking on the hyperlink (opens new browser window).


Change name on passport in UK
Change name on passport in UK


change of name in passport in the UK

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