How much does it cost to change your name?

Deed poll is an efficient and cost-effective means of changing one’s name legally in the UK, for a flat fee of £18.50 you can legally change their name. Our services cover this procedure thoroughly so all necessary adjustments can be handled efficiently.

As part of your name change process, additional legal copies of your deed poll may prove essential in updating records with government agencies, banks and other important institutions. Additional legal copies can be acquired for an affordable cost of £3.75. Having extra copies available helps facilitate an easy transition when changing all official documents and records pertaining to yourself to reflect your new name.

Change of Name Online Service provides an efficient and user-friendly process of changing names through our online service. Applications are completed online within minutes from any location that provides internet connectivity; with step by step guidance making the application experience effortless and ensuring all necessary details can be submitted efficiently.


Are You Looking To Change Your Name?

If you are ready to change it, our website offers an easy and straightforward process to begin the change of names process. By following our secure online application form link provided here, you will be taken directly into a form where you enter both current legal name, new desired name(s), as well as any required deed poll information and additional required for deed poll process documents will then be generated and instructions on finalizing them will be given by our system.

Once your name change has been legally acknowledged, it is imperative to update all personal records, such as passport, driver’s license, bank accounts and official documents. We provide guidance on how best to notify relevant parties so the transition is acknowledged and reflected appropriately across both personal and professional relationships.

For anyone considering this significant step, our service offers an efficient, affordable, and support method of legally changing their name legally. No matter if this change is for personal reasons or part of a broader life transition. From applying to getting additional legal copies for deed poll records. We can assist throughout every stage of this journey!


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