Deed Poll Service Name Change

A Comprehensive Guide to Updating Your Identity

In recent times, many individuals have found the process of changing their names to be more accessible and straightforward than anticipated. This surge in satisfaction can be attributed to the efficient and professional services offered by certain companies. These organisations have not only streamlined the name-change procedure, but have also provided clear instructions and offered support in notifying relevant bodies about such updates.

Clients have noted that these companies deliver high-quality documents in a timely manner, often within 48 hours. Furthermore, these services are commended for their reasonable pricing, making the entire process more affordable and widely accessible. Users from various walks of life and circumstances have recommended these services for their ease and positive outcomes.

Deed Poll Service Name Change

Alter Your Name Legally

Our Service Explained

At our firm, we specialise in name change laws for clients in the UK. Our services include:

  • Creating your deed poll and sending it with instructions on executing it (signing and witnessing)
  • Providing guidance on updating records with relevant organisations
  • Creating a personalised cover letter, professionally formatted in Word document, to send along with your deed poll
  • Offering personal advice and answering any queries you might have

For child applications, our firm additionally:

  • Determines who has parental responsibility and who must consent to the name change
  • Prepares a cover letter justifying the legal basis of parental responsibility (Word document)

Application Process

Our application form is straightforward, and it will guide applicants through providing the necessary information. We prepare the documents required to change your name legally.

Once in possession of your deed poll, you are able to update official records with your new name, including passports, driving licences, bank accounts, and more. Deed polls provided by our service are guaranteed to be accepted by all government bodies and organisations in the UK. It is essential to note that a deed poll is not the sole method of changing one’s name; depending on individual circumstances, it might not be necessary.

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Assistance Available

Our website contains comprehensive information about legally changing your name. If you require more personal advice or have questions, feel free to contact our support service. A deed poll adviser will be happy to assist you.

Please be aware that we do not provide services for tracing family trees, as the deed polls we issue are private documents and our records are not open to public examination. For more information on searching for historical name changes, you can consult other sources of historical records or get in touch with a genealogist.

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