How To Do Driver’s Licence Change of Name

It’s important to know how to inform that the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency that you’ve relocated to a different location and/or changed your address. not letting them know about a change in the address or name of your residence could lead to an maximum fine of up to £1,000.

What do you need for driver’s licence change of name:


1. Things to be aware of in your mind

No matter if you’re an learner driver who has an interim licence or an experienced driver who has full license The process to change your address will be exactly the same.

The process is completely free and even if there’s a little bit delayed getting your paperwork in order from the DVLA’s perspective of things, you’ll still be able to remain with your existing license. Online applicants typically get their new license within seven days.

Even if you’re only going to move for a few months, perhaps as you’re about to university for a semester it is necessary update your contact information in case your vehicle is traveling along. You can’t however include a foreign address on your UK driving license.

The application process for changing addresses to UK addresses online, or via posting.


2. Update your driver’s licence address on the internet.

It’s easy and easy if you’re prepared and have all your personal information ready.

In the beginning, you’ll need firstly, your Government Gateway account as well as a password. That’s what you’d use to get your driver’s license at the beginning.

Other information that you’ll need comprise the number found printed on your driving license or passport, as well as your National Insurance number. Don’t doubt should you be missing all of these data because you’ll receive alternative information to benefit confirm your identity.

When you apply it is possible that you will be required to give each address at which you’ve lived in over the last three years.

3. Modify the address on your driver’s licence through the sending a letter

It’s possible to alter your driver’s license the traditional method by submitting a letter to the post office.

Fill out your “changes” section that appears on the D741 document that is included in the driver’s license you’re changing.

If you’ve lost the document or don’t possess it Don’t doubt. It is possible to get a new one through the website of the government or request a brand-new version by visiting the nearest Post Office.

With the application form, it is necessary to add your current driving license.

The biggest drawback to the process is that it may be up to three weeks before everything can be done.


4. Update your driving licence photograph

If you’d like to modify your picture, you are able to make it happen online as long as you’ve got a current UK passport and are happy with the images of both documents to remain identical. The application will take just seven days to process but it will cost £14.

The cost is less than submitting the application via post, which can cost you £17 If you’re not over 70 years old. It is necessary to complete the D1 form, which includes an unsigned passport photo that is taken in the last 30 days as well as deliver the original license. As with all normal postal applications the process takes about three months.


5. Make sure you change the name on your driving license

Another important aspect to complete promptly, since you may be fined by the DVLA in the event that your records are not up-to-date. It is possible that you have experienced an alteration of name via marriage or the deed of poll.

The change of your name is not completed online, it must be done via mail. It can however be completed for free.


It is necessary to complete the required parts on the D1 form. focus on providing the old license, and submit original documents that could be used as evidence that you’re with the new name. These could include deeds, poll (which several companies are able to benefit in obtaining for you at an affordable cost to warrant that the legal language is exactly as you want it to be) and a marriage certificate.

However, if you want to alter your name or photograph at the same you will incur an PS17 cost.

6. Make sure you change the address on your driver’s licence in the event that you are disqualified.

If you alter your address even though you’re banned from driving in the future, you have to send an email to the DVLA.

The address is: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AB.

It is necessary to bring details about you used to live at and where you plan to reside in the future as well as your birth date and the number on your driving license.

What to do if you’re in Northern Ireland

Like we said earlier, the requirements for modifying the details of an experienced driver are distinct to those in Northern Ireland. It’s partly is due to their distinct office called known as the Driver & Vehicle Agency -as well as because the paper version of the driving license that was removed in Britain at the time of 2015 is still valid in Northern Ireland. Similar penalties apply when you don’t be able to notify the DVA of any change.

If you wish to change the address of your home You must submit the paper copy of your license. You must then send the form along with your photocard at this adress: DVA, Driver Licensing, County Hall, Coleraine BT51 3TB.

Make sure you keep track of your car log book

Make sure that you’ve got your log book for vehicles while changing the address of your driver’s license — regardless of whether you’re from Northern Ireland or the rest of the UK.

You’ll need to fill in the section 6 of your log book to reflect your new address. Make sure you do not tick the “new keeper” box which signifies that the car is in the hands of a different person.

After that, the whole log book must be delivered to DVLA together the address listed above, or to the DVA If you’re located situated in Northern Ireland. It should arrive in about six weeks.

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