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Do I have the opportunity of changing my name of my Driving Licence?

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom and hold either an inactive or banned UK Driving licence, You must inform the DVLA concerning your new Name as quickly as is possible.

This ensures that your personal information as well as records that are pertaining to your former name are up-to-date and prevent any fines or confusion which could occur.

The fundamental principle is to submit your driving license in the direction of DVLA (Driving vehicle and licensing agency) to allow them to amend the information on it. Additionally, you’ll have to submit the appropriate paperwork, which is described below.

How can I change my name on my Driver License by contacting the DVLA?

So let’s get right down to the steps that is involved and the things you need to complete.

Step 1. Document your change of name

First thing you need to take is to add the proper evidence to show that you’ve renounced the use of your previous name and that you will now be with the brand new name as of now This can be demonstrated by any of the following methods:

Deed Poll Document ( Change of name deed )

– Marriage Certificate

– Decree Absolute

Step 2. – Your Current Driving License and Papers

If you are applying for an new Driving License, you’ll be required to submit the current Card license along with the paper documents that were included with the Driving License ( Paper License ) to the DVLA when you submit the application.

Step 3. – Apply Online for Application Forms

When you’ve done everything above, then you are able to submit an online application to ask the DVLA to mail the necessary applications to your address of current.

D1 Pack: Application for the driving permit for a moped, car or motorbike

If you are in Wales, then you’ll require the following:

D1W Pack D1W Pack Welsh Version of D1 Pack

and if you are driving any of the following:

– Lorry (Any Size)

– Minibus

– Bus

If so, you’ll need the form packs below The following form pack is required

D2 Pack – Application to obtain the driving licence for minibuses, lorries or bus

For ordering any of the above-mentioned packages, click the link to go to the Department of Transport website

Order DVLA Forms

How long will they need to be in the mail?

The typical time is 7 days for the application package to be delivered, but depending on which part of the United Kingdom but the maximum the process will be about 2 weeks. However, typically, they’re quite excellent.

dvla change name
dvla change name


Tips for Completing the Form

  • Double-Check Everything: Before submitting, review all the information you’ve entered to ensure it’s correct and matches your supporting documents.
  • Follow Instructions Carefully: Whether applying online or on paper, follow the instructions provided carefully. Online applications may have dynamic forms that change based on previous answers, so read each question as it comes.
  • Use Black Ink for Paper Applications: If you’re filling out a paper form, use black ink and write in block capitals to ensure legibility.
  • Contact Information: Ensure your contact information is current and accurate, as this will be used for any correspondence or queries regarding your application.
  • Ask for Help if Needed: If you’re unsure about any part of the application, it’s better to seek clarification than risk a mistake. You can find guidance on the website or by contacting the Passport Advice line.

Completing the application form accurately is essential for a smooth process in changing your name on your UK passport. Taking the time to ensure every detail is correct can save you time and potential inconvenience later on.

If you need any assistance to change name, contact us by clicking here.
DVLA change name in the UK - Deed Poll

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