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In the UK, applying for DVLA name change is not a very complicated process. There are several reasons it is advisable to change the name of their child. Based on if you’re adopting the name of your spouse’s family following marriage, or obtaining the double barrel or you’ve not liked the name that your parents chose for you, the process of legally registering a new name could be differ. If you’re above the threshold of 18, and you pay the required fee it is possible to alter your name by filing for the right deed-poll.

However, in the case of marriage, so in the event that you possess a legally binding certificate (like an official marriage certificate) and you are married, either your spouse or you have the right to choose the surname of your choice. Be sure to discuss an open discussion with your spouse before you do!

But, if there’s changed on your name, you’re required to notify the appropriate authorities, and then update the documents you have to prove your new identity. This is the case for passports, Passport Office and even DVLA. Interesting fact: The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is the sole agency that is required to keep its records up-to-date in order to keep track of any legal change such as the alteration in the address or name legally recognized.

The inability to update your license when apply for DVLA name change, could lead to a penalty of up to 1,000 in fine.

It’s likely that you’re reading this as you’re trying to avoid these penalties with the DVLA We’re there to benefit! In this piece we’ll go over each step you’ll have to follow to update the name you’ve put in your UK driving license. In addition, we’ll give you a brief list of the necessary documents required and providing an overview regarding how much it’ll cost you and how long it can be.

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Steps to Apply for DVLA Name Change

Change the name you use on your driver’s license is much more simple than you thought! Make sure to inform your DVLA of the name change is a breeze as well as easy to complete it on your own.

However, unlike altering the address on your license You aren’t able to get a new license by submitting your name on the internet. It is necessary go through the whole process together a physical application and submit your application by post. It’s odd, given that this is 2023. However, the reasoning behind it the way it is will become apparent.

It is important to note that DVLA forms are updated every now and then however the basic gist of the details and even the names of sections remains exactly the same, though the order might be a bit distinct from the previous editions. Pay attention to the particular form you’re viewing Be sure to complete it accurately!

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We’ve laid out all necessary steps you must follow here:

1. Find the correct form for DVLA Name Change

Based on the type of licence you’re holding it is necessary to fill out an more form to complete — one or right by accessing the form section for DVLA at GOV.UK. However, if you’re located near the post office or post office, you’ll be able to pick up the proper form at that location also. Actually, it’s the quickest opportunity!

If you’re the owner the license for a motorcycle or vehicle then you must submit the form D1 “Application for a driving licence” document.

But, if you’re license holder for a bus or lorry owner, then you’ll have fill out Form D2 “Application for a lorry/bus licence” rather than fill out the form.

Step 2: Complete the Form

Once you have the correct application in hand, you’ll be required to fill in your information. Prior to filling in your information, ensure not to complete the form using black pen!

Take a first take a look at the area of the D1 Formula titled “What are you applying for?”. Place a crossed (X) within the space right next to the sentence “To change my name on my licence”. If you wish to modify the address on your driver’s license in the same way you should add a second cross in the area with the words “To change my address on my licence”. When you’ve completed this step it’s only necessary to concers over two more areas.

Within the section titled “Your details”, fill all the spaces in your name with your new name in capital Letters, and include the date you were born and your the address you are currently at. Because you’ve changed your name, you’ll have complete the huge section below which asks, “Has your name or address (or both) changed since your last licence was issues?” If yes, Make sure you check in the “Yes” box.

It is also necessary to include the address you used to have in the same area in case you’re changing your address in the same manner So, be sure to make satisfying room for both of your details! Be sure to provide your contact information in order that the DVLA will be able to contact you should they encounter any problems with the application.

The next section is that’s called “Your proof of identity”. The applicant must deliver the DVLA along with your passport, regardless whether you’re a UK resident or a international citizen. If you’re from one of the EU Member State, then you may attach the EC or EEA identification card in lieu. After that, you’ll need to fill in the serial number on the document that you’re attachingPassport number for passports and identity number for identification cards. When you’ve done this then, you’ll need proof of that your name has changed together one of these:

  • In the event that there’s a possibility of switching your names following the wedding make sure you check the line that says “Marriage certificate”.
  • If you’re switching the name to the name you had when you were married then you should cross out “Divorce certificate”.
  • In the event that you’ve changed your name or address but haven’t engaged (or divorced) You will have to tick the “Deed poll or statutory declaration” box.

Whatever document you’re supplying as evidence of name changes, make certain to write down your serial number for the document you’re attaching.

Do not bother with your way through the “Signing a photo” section in the event that the document you’re attaching as an identity you’re attaching is a current passport or an EC/EEA identity card regardless of whether you’ve traded your passport or foreign license in exchange for an UK identity card..

Step 3. Upload the form along alongside the required documents

If you’ve filled in the correct form All you have to do is forward the form and all necessary documents. That’s all there is to it! It’s simple. easy.

Then we’ll go over all the documents that you must include in the following sections.

What Documents Do You Need to apply for DVLA Name Change?

The reason you are able to change your name to the DVLA by post is due to the nature of all the documentation which you’ll be required to attach when filling out your application. Unfortunately it’s true that the DVLA cannot accept duplicates of any document it’s demanded (even when they’re verified! ) So, make ensure to provide only authentic documents!

This is a brief list of the various documents that you’ll need to include to change the name of the driving license

Notifying DVLA of names change checklist

  • A appropriate application formForm D1 for drivers of cars and motorcycles Form D2 for bus and driver of lorries.
  • Current photocards or a paper license.
  • Passport or identity card.
  • Original birth certificate of marriage, divorce or marriage certificate deed of poll or statutory statement.

If you’re submitting an older license in paper to the DVLA It is important to take note of the fact that you’ll need include a passport-sized photo. It will issue a newer, credit card-sized license once all tests have been completed.

How Much Does It Cost to Inform DVLA of a Name Change?

It’s good news that you don’t need pay a single dollar to make changes on your driver’s license when you complete this process on your own! In the case of DVLA service, you’ll need to cover the cost to repair a lost, damaged or stolen licence. You may also be required to pay a fee in the event that you choose to utilize an online service to benefit in this task.

However, as you’ll have to hand over your authentic documents to DVLA We strongly recommend you to pay additional to obtain Royal Mail to ship your application safely. For added security it is recommended to include an envelope that is pre-paid and first class when you submit your application, so that the DVLA will be able to safely return your paperwork. If not, the DVLA returns all of these extremely sensitive documents through normal mail, and DVLA is not legally liable in the event that these documents go missing.

How Long Does It Take to Get the New Licence After a Name Change?

Even though the DVLA generally processes applications in the timeframe of three weeks. However, there could occur instances where it could take more time due to a large backlog. A case in point was the epidemic. In spite of any the backlog, your initial identity documents will be sent back to you via post before the new driver’s licence is delivered.

It could take as long as 8 weeks before you receive your new driving licence. Therefore, make sure you take a photocopy of the original before you send it to. This is because the DVLA has announced that you’ll be allowed to drive as waiting for your license however it’s not a bad idea to save a copy for your own records in case of need!

No matter the reason you’d like to change your name, be aware of the fact that you’ll have notify the DVLA promptly about the change. It’s good to know that the procedure for changing your name to the DVLA is very easy. Make sure you follow the steps that we’ve laid out in this piece to receive an entirely new license with the new name in just a few minutes.

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Change of Name with DVLA for Driving Licence in the UK

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