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Family Deed Poll

Initiate your name change with us today through a Deed Poll and bypass the need for expensive solicitor’s.

By securing a Deed Poll from DEED POLL UK today, you gain the ability to update your name across all crucial documents and records. This includes everything from your British passport and driving licence, bank accounts, doctor and all government departments, all reflecting your chosen name.

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Complete our online order form, providing all the necessary details for changing your name

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In a few days, you'll get your custom Deed Poll document by mail, accompanied by an informative pack designed to assist you.

Signing your Deed Poll

Follow the guidelines that come with your Deed Poll for signing and dating the document while a witness is present.

Details of the Applicant (Mother or Father)

Ideally, the applicant should be the mother, however, fathers with parental responsibility for their child(ren) can also apply. Your existing name, new name, and address will be featured on the Deed Poll document. Your title is included only if it’s being changed.

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Complete our online order form, providing all the necessary details for changing your name
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Type of Deed Poll

To change your family’s surname (family means at least one parent and one child under the age of 16) please complete and submit the secure application form below, which has provision for 6 children.  Please note, the parent and their spouse/partner can also change their title, first and middle names if required but children can only change their surname to the new family surname.

Before you complete this form, you may wish to read about our terms and conditions.

After you have submitted your application, you need to send us a letter of consent via our live helpdesk or contact form.  A link to a page containing example letters of consent will be provided after you have submitted your application.

You must be the mother or father (with parental responsibility) for the child(ren) whose name(s) are being changed to complete this application form.  An explanation of parental responsibility is given on our page Can I change my child’s name (opens new window).  This article will also allow you to determine whether you have sole or joint parental responsibility for the child(ren).  If you do not have parental responsibility, please contact our live helpdesk for advice about how to proceed.

If you need assistance and wish to speak to a Deed Poll Officer, please call our Helpline (see top right of this page for the number and our opening hours).


Please note: All questions marked with an asterisk (*) are required

Your Deed Poll is prepared for immediate use, enabling you to begin refreshing your identification documents, like your passport and driving licence.

Included with your Deed Poll are details on which entities to inform, along with specific guidance for each.

For any support needs, our complimentary online assistance is here for you from 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public and bank holidays.


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