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If you are having a pressing need for an identity card due to unplanned traveling plans or a looming expiry date, then the UK’s Fast Track Passport Service is the most reliable choice. This service speedily is made to address the demands of people who can’t afford to stand in line for standard processing time.

What’s what is the Fast Track Passport Service?

The Fast Track Passport Service in the UK is a top-quality service provided by the Her Majesty’s Passport Office in order to speed up speedy process of passport applications. This is a service specifically designed to warrant those who require urgent travel will receive their passports within a less time than normal application.

Who Benefits?

This service is extremely valuable to:

  • People who need to travel for emergencies: Those who need to travel quickly due to reasons such as emergencies with family members or unexpected business obligations.
  • Last-Minute Renewals Anyone who has realized that their passports are nearing expiration or is already expiring close to the time they travel.

What is it and how does it work?

Applying for the Fast Track Passport Service involves simple steps:

  1. Appointment booking: You must book an appointment in an Passport Customer Service Centre. appointments are usually scheduled in a matter of days.
  2. Form Submission When you are scheduled to submit your request, current passport (if appropriate) as well as any additional documents.
  3. Processing Duration: The processing times are subject to change, but the most common options are a one-week or even a one-day option according to your particular needs.

Benefits of Fast Track Service:

  • Rapidity: Receive your passport within a few days, or hours instead of weeks.
  • The convenience: Avoid the stress and inconvenience to your schedule caused by waiting to get a passport.
  • Security: Trusted service directly by the government. This ensures that your application will be handled in the highest priority, and with security.


Things to Consider:

  • Price: The Fast Track option comes with an more cost over the regular fee for passport applications.
  • Accessibility: You need to verify the availability of appointments as well as assure you have the ability to travel the closest Passport Customer Service Centre.

You can also claim a refund if:

  1. You had to travel abroad for medical treatment
  2. You had to travel urgently because of the death or serious illness of a family member, friend or business associate
  3. You’re seriously ill, or you’re a carer for a seriously ill person, and your travel was been arranged by a charity or religious organisation

You’ll need to send us a letter from someone confirming this, such a doctor, hospital, minister of religion, police officer or your counter signatory. Where applicable, you should also send a death certificate (or a copy).


Fast track passport in UK.
Remember these points in case you claim a refund of the Premium 1 day or Fast Track 1 week fee.

These conditions will lead to cancelation of your refund –

  1. You missed your appointment
  2. You cancelled your appointment
  3. Your application was rejected because your application form wasn’t completed correctly or you brought the wrong supporting documents
  4. You booked a service that you weren’t entitled to use
  5. You’re not entitled to a British passport
  6. Your application was delayed because we needed to make additional checks
  7. You got a cheaper service than you paid for (eg you booked and paid for a Premium 1 day service but you were only entitled to a Fast Track 1 week service)
  8. You removed someone from a group booking

If you are entitled to a refund then complete, sign and send the following claim form, together with any supporting evidence, to the ‘Customer Service Manager’ at the office where you had your appointment.

If you’re facing with deadlines in the travel plan, going to use using the Fast Track Passport Service in the UK is a wise choice. This will give you security having the confidence the passport process will go through fast and efficiently, which allows you to prepare for your trip without burden of delays to your passport.

For form details and complete help on the procedure you can contact us.

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