Complete Guide to Free Online Name Change by Deed Poll in the UK

Complete Guide to Free Online Name Change by Deed Poll in the UK

Taking the step to change your name is a significant and personal decision. Thankfully, in the UK, the process can be simple and, better yet, free if done correctly. This guide demystifies the deed poll for name change online free process, equipping you with all the information you need to change your name without incurring any costs.

What is a Deed Poll?

A deed poll is a legal document representing an individual’s commitment to adopting a new name and discarding the old one. It’s not a government-issued document but a form of a legal contract.

Key Points:

  • Definition of a deed poll
  • How it serves as a legally binding document
  • The difference between enrolled and unenrolled deed polls

Can You Really Get a Deed Poll for Free?

There is a common misconception that changing your name is expensive. However, a deed poll can be executed without any cost, provided you follow the correct procedure.

Key Points:

  • The truth about free deed polls
  • How to draft a deed poll yourself
  • When you might incur costs even with a “free” deed poll




How to Change Your Name for Free Online

Changing your name for free online is a straightforward process if you have access to the right resources and templates.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Find a Template: Locate a reputable template online.
  2. Fill in Details: Enter your old name, new name, and address.
  3. Witness Requirements: Have it witnessed as per legal requirements.

The Legalities of a Free Deed Poll

Even a deed poll obtained for free must comply with specific legal requirements to be considered valid.

Key Points:

The importance of correctly executing a deed poll

  • Who can serve as a witness
  • Making your deed poll “official”

Tips for Filling Out Your Deed Poll Correctly

Filling out your deed poll without mistakes is crucial for it to be accepted by various organizations.


  • Ensure all names are spelled correctly
  • Double-check dates and personal details
  • Have a witness who is not related to you

After Your Deed Poll – What Next?

After creating and signing your deed poll, the next steps are crucial for your new name to be legally recognized.

Key Points:

  • Notifying governmental bodies like HM Passport Office and DVLA
  • Updating your name with banks, employers, and educational institutions
  • Dealing with any challenges that may arise

Changing your name should be an exciting and transformative time in your life, not one marred by unnecessary expenses. By following this guide to a deed poll for name change online free, you can embark on this new chapter of your life with confidence and a little extra cash in your pocket. Remember, is always here to help you navigate this journey smoothly.


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