How to Get New Passport in the UK

The latest British passport will ease the lives of UK citizens who travel abroad. Its new look features several modifications that will simplify travel for travelers. The new design features a cover that is transparent along with numerous new security options.

New British passport – All you require to be aware of the New Passport

Everyone is aware that we all know that United Kingdom left the European Union at the start of 2020. Then came a lengthy 11-month period of transition that was the time when the UK had the chance to negotiate the final Brexit arrangement.

Brexit is having a major impact the lives of British citizens, as free travel, study and work across Europe is not possible anymore. Even though you are able to go to any European destination on vacation without requiring an entry visa, you’ll be limited to a stay for no more than 90-days.

Furthermore, a UK citizen wishing to travel or study in Europe is now required to get a visa as well as evidence of their return back to the UK before traveling.

The effect that Brexit produced has led to the famous colored passport, which was burgundy in color, changing to an entirely new color, blue that no longer has the EU symbol on its cover.

As an UK citizen, how will the new British passport impact your life? This article will cover everything you should learn!

Do I need an updated blue UK passport?

New Passport in UK
New Passport in UK



The Her Majesty’s Passport Office began issuing the new blue British passports midway through 2020 This means that the next passport issued today will have the updated colour and design.

A lot of British residents are concerned over the fact that they are with the traditional, colored passports in burgundy and concers about whether they’ll be able to travel with the passports.

There is good news that, as you keep your passport valid and has not been used for more than 10 years old, then you’ll be able to travel with no an issue with your older red, burgundy passport. It is an official and valid travel document.

This is why it’s not an excellent decision to make an application for an more passport just because you would like to have it in the color of your choice. This will waste your both time and money. We suggest only applying for a new passport once you are due to expire in six months.

Of course you can apply for a new passport if it was stolen, lost or damaged you are able to make an application for a brand new British passport, so it is as long as you’ve adhered to the procedures to replace lost, stolen and damaged passports (i.e. getting a police report when necessary, and notifying the nearest British High Commission, embassy or consulate).

If you have to obtain a new UK passport (either via renewal or your first application) after approval the application will be processed and you’ll be issued with a new passport that is the latest blue colour.


How can I make an application to get the British passport from outside the country?

To apply for a renewal of a British passport (whether it’s the first time, or as a renewal) can be done completely on the internet.

That means your form of application must be completed electronically, and submitted digitally at the office of passports.

Photos of passports printed on paper are no longer valid anymore and you’ll need for digital images to be taken.

Even though everything is completed online, it’s nonetheless important to assure that all forms have been filled out accurately and completely and also that the passport photographs meet the requirements set to the office of passports.

A mistake on your passport application or photographs could lead to your application being rejected.

We are able to assist with applying for passports by making sure the accuracy of your application and your passport photos comply with the passport requirements.

As you’ll be required to provide the old UK passport (if you are renewing).

When your application is sent at Her Majesty’s Passport Office, you can anticipate waiting for approximately four to six weeks until your passport will be delivered by DHL.


What is the cost of the British new passport set you back?

All fees include government charges including shipping and government fees. New passports handed to applicants No more fees will be needed.

Who’s creating the brand new passport of the Britain?

The new British passport will, like all passports issued by Her Majesty’s Passport Office.

The people who designed the latest blue passports were part of French-Dutch company under its name Gemalto. The passports, however, are made by a company in Poland.

British firm, De La Rue, presented a proposal to issue passports with new designs, however the application was denied, and led to nearly 200 lost jobs within the UK.

We specialize in helping UK residents living abroad many different options, such as British passport renewals, replacements, applications for passports that are first-time and certificates for applicants from overseas.

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