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His Majesty’s Passport Office ( HMPO) is an United Kingdom government agency. It is a division within the Home Office (HO) that offers passports to British residents all over the world. The organization was founded at the beginning of April, 2006 under it was known as the Identity and Passport Service ( IPS) however it was changed to HM Passport Office on May 13, 2013.

The General Register Office for England and Wales that issues the life event certificates that record marriages, deaths, births and civil partnerships has become a division of HMPO at the beginning of April, 2008.

The HMPO‘s headquarters are located alongside its Home Office at 2 Marsham Street in London, as well as seven regional offices across the UK including London, Glasgow, Belfast, Peterborough, Liverpool, Newport and Durham in addition to an extensive interview offices across the country. network. First-time adult passport holders may have to undergo an interview to prove their identity, as a fraud preventive step.

The department was known under the name Her Her Majesty’s Passport Office until Queen Elizabeth II’s passing away on the 8th of September 2022. Since then, it has been named in honor of the changing monarchy.


UK Passport Issuing Authority Question on Renewal Form

“What is your passport issuing authority?” This is the question asked to be asked on the UK passport application form or renewal form, which can be confusing for those applying.

Which one should you choose for Your UK Passport Issuing Authority?

Short answer: the phrase ‘UKPA’, UKPS, IPS or HMPO generally is the right one for the majority of British Born UK Citizens.

For confirmation, take a look at the photograph page on your passport’s right section to see the authority that issued your passport.

What does this mean?

UKPA, UKPS, IPS or HMPO.IPS was the Identity and Passport Service from the year 2006 until 2013. (The Identity and Passport Service was changed to Her Her Majesty’s Passport Office on 13 May 2013).

  • The IPS used to be The Identity and Passport Service from the year 2006 until 2013. (The Identity and Passport Service was changed to Her Her Majesty’s Passport Office on 13 May 2013).
  • UKPS is known as the United Kingdom Passport Service (A earlier name prior to Her Her Majesty’s Passport Office).
  • UKPA used to be an acronym for the UK Passport Agency (A previous name prior to Her Majesty’s Passport Office).
  • HMPO can be described as the present “HM Passport Office” also known as His. Her Majesty’s Passport Office” since the departure of the Queen Elizabeth II.

Should I select ‘other’ when it comes to the time when I should tick ‘other’?

Passports that were issued through Agencies like those at the Hong Kong passport office, or Gibraltar or Gibraltar, etc. They would mark “other”.

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HM Passport
HM Passport

What is the most recent UK official authority for the issuance of UK passports?

HM Passport Office is the sole provider of UK passports. It is also accountable for the civil registration service via the General Register Office.

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