Drafting a Deed Poll for Name Change in Australia Guide

How to write a deed poll for name change Australia is a question many Australians find themselves asking when they decide to change their names. Whether it’s due to marriage, divorce, or any personal reason, understanding the legal procedure is crucial. This guide aims to demystify the process, outlining the steps, requirements, and considerations involved in changing your name in Australia.

Understanding the Australian Deed Poll

Definition and Legal Standing:

In some Australian states, a deed poll was historically used for name changes, but now a ‘Change of Name’ application fulfills that role.

Key Information:

  • A deed poll is no longer required in many parts of Australia; instead, a standardized form is used.
  • Clarify terminology: ‘Change of Name’ form vs. ‘Deed Poll’.

Provincial Variations:

Australia’s federal system means name change procedures can differ:


  • In Victoria, you apply to the Births, Deaths, and Marriages Registry.
  • Queensland also has its own process through its state department.

Step-by-Step: Writing a Deed Poll in Australia

Preparing the Necessary Information:

Ensure you have all the necessary personal information before starting.

List of Information:

  • Full current name and the name you wish to change to.
  • Reason for the name change.
  • Personal details like address and birth date.

Writing the Deed Poll:

Although not always called a deed poll, the document needs specific details.


  • Use clear, unequivocal language stating your intention to change your name and renounce the use of your previous name.
  • Include clauses that legally bind you to your new name.

Legal Considerations and Witnessing

Who Can Witness a Deed Poll:

Discuss the legal requirements for witnesses in Australian jurisdictions.


  • In most places, a Justice of the Peace, lawyer, or notary public can serve as a witness.
  • Witnesses must not be related to you or have a conflict of interest.

Making the Deed Poll Official:

The document often needs to be lodged with a government body.

Process Details:

  • Where and how to lodge your form.
  • The importance of official seals or stamps, if applicable.

After Drafting: Registering and Using Your Deed Poll

Registration Process:

Detail the registration process which gives legal effect to the new name.


  • Submit the completed form to the relevant state or territory registry.
  • Pay any applicable fees.

Notifying Institutions:

A list of institutions to notify once your name change is official.


  • Driver’s license and vehicle registration.
  • Passport and electoral registration.
  • Banks, insurance policies, and employers.

Avoiding Mistakes:

Provide tips to ensure a smooth name change process.


  • Double-check spellings and personal details.
  • Follow up with institutions if acknowledgment of your new name isn’t received.

Conclude by summarizing the process of how to write a deed poll for name change Australia, highlighting the empowering nature of taking control of one’s personal identity.


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