The Complete Guide to the Cost of Changing Name on Passport in the UK

Changing your name is a significant step in life, whether due to marriage, divorce, or any other personal reason. However, once you’ve taken this step, updating your legal documents becomes a priority, especially your passport. The cost of changing name on passport is a crucial aspect to understand to ensure a smooth transition to your new identity. Deed Poll UK, with its years of expertise in legal name changes, is here to guide you through this process, from obtaining a Deed Poll to navigating the passport update process.
Understanding Name Changes in the UK
In the UK, changing your name legally is a straightforward process, primarily facilitated through what is known as a Deed Poll. A Deed Poll is a legal document that proves a change of name and allows you to get all your official documents and records, including your passport, updated to reflect your new name.
Updating your legal documents, especially your passport, is essential. Your passport, being a primary form of identification, needs to reflect your current legal name. This is where Deed Poll UK comes into play, offering personalized Deed Poll preparation services to ensure your name change is recognized and accepted by all governmental bodies, financial institutions, and other relevant entities.
The Role of a Deed Poll in Passport Name Changes
A Deed Poll serves as the cornerstone of changing your name on your passport. It is a declaration of your intention to abandon your former name and use a new one for all purposes. Without a Deed Poll, the passport office will not recognize your name change. This document, therefore, is indispensable in the passport name change process.
Deed Poll UK specializes in preparing legally binding Deed Polls, ensuring that your name change meets all legal requirements and is widely accepted. Whether you’re updating your passport, bank accounts, or driving license, a Deed Poll from Deed Poll UK guarantees that your new name is officially recognized.
The Cost of Changing Name on Passport: A Detailed Look
The cost of changing your name on your passport involves several components:
1. Deed Poll Fees: The first step in your name change journey involves obtaining a Deed Poll. Deed Poll UK offers competitive pricing for issuing a Deed Poll, with options for adults, children, and families. The fees vary depending on the type of Deed Poll required.
2. Passport Application Fees: Following the acquisition of your Deed Poll, you’ll need to apply for a new passport. The cost varies depending on whether you opt for a standard or fast-track service. As of (link to authoritative source), the current fees for passport applications can be found in the table below:
| Passport Type | Standard Service Fee | Fast-Track Service Fee | | —————————————- | ——————– | ———————- | | Adult (16 and over) | £75.50 | £142.00 | | Child (under 16) | £49.00 | £122.00 | | Jumbo Passport (Adult 32-page) | £85.50 | £152.00 | | Jumbo Passport (Child 32-page) | £59.50 | £132.00 | | Jumbo Passport (Adult 48-page) | £95.50 | £162.00 | | Jumbo Passport (Child 48-page) | £69.50 | £142.00 | | Emergency Travel Document (Adult or Child) | £100.00 | N/A |
3. Additional Costs: Other costs may include postage fees for sending your application and Deed Poll, as well as any expedited service fees if you need your passport in a hurry. These costs can vary depending on the postal service you choose and whether or not you require expedited processing.
Understanding these costs upfront can help you budget accordingly. Deed Poll UK’s comprehensive services aim to minimize these costs by ensuring your Deed Poll application is correctly filled out and legally compliant, avoiding any unnecessary delays or additional expenses.
Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Name on Your Passport
Preparing Your Documentation
Before applying for your passport update, you’ll need the following:
● A completed Deed Poll.
● Your current passport.
● Any other documents that support your name change (marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.).
It is essential to keep your original Deed Poll safe, as you may need it in the future for various legal purposes.
Submitting Your Passport Application
You can apply for your passport name change online or via post. Ensure all sections are correctly filled out and that your Deed Poll and supporting documents are included. It is advisable to double-check the application form and supporting documents before submission to avoid any delays or rejections.
When applying online, you will need to upload digital copies of your supporting documents. If applying via post, make sure to send your application and supporting documents via recorded or special delivery to ensure their secure arrival.
Paying the Fees
Payment methods for the passport application fee include debit/credit cards for online applications or cheques and postal orders for postal applications. Remember to account for all associated costs, including the Deed Poll fee and any postage fees, to avoid any hiccups in your application.
Navigating the Process with Deed Poll UK
Deed Poll UK simplifies the name change process. Our team of experts prepares your Deed Poll, ensuring it meets all legal standards for the passport office and other institutions. Our customer-centric approach means we’re here to guide you every step of the way, from drafting your Deed Poll to updating your passport and beyond.
Our comprehensive services include:
● Professional advice and assistance in preparing your Deed Poll.
● Fast and efficient processing to ensure minimal delays.
● Secure delivery of your Deed Poll and other documents.
● Ongoing support throughout the name change process.
We understand that changing your name is a significant life event, and we are committed to providing reliable, efficient, and confidential services to help you embrace your new identity with confidence.
For more information on how we can assist you, visit Deed Poll UK Website or contact us at
Frequently Asked Questions
● What is the total cost of changing my name on my passport?
○ The total cost includes the Deed Poll fee, passport application fee, and any additional postage or expedited service fees. It is advisable to check the latest fees on the official website to ensure accurate information.
● How long does the process take?
○ The time frame can vary depending on the passport application method chosen and current processing times. Obtaining a Deed Poll from Deed Poll UK can be done quickly, often within a day. However, passport processing times can vary, so it is advisable to check the latest information on the official website.
● Can I travel with a passport in my old name?
○ It’s advisable to update all travel documents to reflect your new name to avoid any travel issues. However, if you have immediate travel plans and have not yet updated your passport, it is possible to travel with a passport in your old name as long as your Deed Poll and supporting documents are carried with you.
The cost of changing name on passport is an essential aspect of the name change process. Deed Poll UK stands ready to assist with every step, ensuring your transition is smooth and legally compliant. Taking control of your identity is a significant move, and we’re here to make it as straightforward and cost-effective as possible.
Embark on your name change journey with confidence, backed by the expertise and support of Deed Poll UK. For personalized guidance and to start your process, reach out to us today.
Embrace your new identity with Deed Poll UK – your partner in legal name changes.

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