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Deed Poll UK Terms and Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions carefully, as they will govern the sale and supply of the Services for changing names by Deed Poll UK to you the customer. Use of our website, any enquiry about or purchase of our services, will indicate acceptance of these terms.


The given website offered services to change your name on a legal basis. The services are only available to UK residents and British citizens overseas who are above 16 years old. If the customer is ordering services for a child or a family, the services are only offered if the child or the family member fulfills the following set of criteria.

You can enquire and order services with us online, or by telephone. All orders shall include your current, full, legal name and contact details together with new name details and other required information. We might need to contact you for further details.

Proof of Identification 

From time to time we may need valid identification documents such as passports, driving licences or birth certificates to be able to verify your payment information and identity and legal name change entitlement. Failing to provide ID when required can lead to your order being cancelled.

Responsibility for Accuracy

You alone are responsible for the absolute accuracy of all name details provided to us. Please do take the time to ensure that it is right before submitting your order. We cannot be held accountable for any error, misspelling, or otherwise in good faith, which results from the information provided.

Payment Terms

Payment of the price for all services must be made in full in advance before any work is undertaken in drafting the Deed Poll documents. We accept online payment by debit/credit card and bank transfer. Prices applicable are set out at the point at which you create the order and make a payment using our payment gateway provider.

Service Delivery

Your personalised deed poll document(s) will be prepared within 1-7 working days depending on the package you ordered and of your successful payment being received. Turnaround times may be longer during busy periods. Documents and instructions will be e-mailed only, and no hard copy will be posted. Your Privacy

We care about your personal data.

We are committed to the requirements of UK data protection legislation. More information about how we handle and process your information can be found in our separate privacy policy.

Cancellation Policy

We do not have a cooling-off period, as our services are highly personalised. However, requests for refunds will be considered on a goodwill basis and cannot be guaranteed within 7 days of the purchase in writing if the service has not started.

Final Sale

Please note that once a personalised deed poll document has been issued, the sale is final and the service cannot be canceled or refunded, due to the legal nature of the documents. Please carefully review your certificate preview before payment.

Feedback and Complaints

We do hope that the services provided to you will be satisfactory. However, if you have any suggestions regarding improvement or complaints, feel free to express them in writing. We guarantee that complaints will be answered within three business days and a proposal for their solution will be offered within 28 days, if possible.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute that may arise from these terms and conditions will be exclusively submitted to the law courts of England and Wales.

Changes to Terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms from time to time in response to changes in law or business practice. The latest version will always be available on our website. Please refer to them regularly, and especially before purchasing services.

All we want to accomplish here is to make legal name changes as painless and easy as possible for our clients. If there are any questions on any of the above terms, please feel free to contact us.


We reserve the right to modify these terms from time to time in response to changes in law or business practice.


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