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Deed poll name change record in the UK

How to Legally Change Your Name in the UK UK Deed Poll is a legal document that allows an individual to change their name. It is a straightforward and cost-effective way to change one’s name without the need for a solicitor. The document can be used to change a first name, middle name, last name, […]

Birth Certificate Number Located


Did you ever feel that you’re going in the middle of an adventure, however, the goose was just only a paper? If so, searching for the birth certificate in the UK could be like a bureaucratic adaptation of an adventure movie. Let’s get started in a group, with just an ink pen (or perhaps, more […]

Where is the Birth Certificate Number Location

Birth certificate

Importance of Birth Certificate Reference Number Birth Certificate Reference Number is a unique identifier that is assigned to each birth certificate. It’s a key element in a variety of official procedures for example, the application for passports and driver’s licenses and various other legal documents. If you do not have this reference number, the process […]

Where is the Number on a Birth Certificate?


Do you require the serial number on your birth certificate? It is an unique identification number that differentiates the certificate of birth from all others. It’s important to know this number since it may be necessary in various formal applications like seeking a passport, or a driver’s license. In this article this article, we’ll cover […]

Certificate Number on Birth Certificate UK

Birth certificate

Certificate Number on Birth Certificate UK: Locating That Elusive Little Gem! Every new born baby within the UK receives the same identity package and comes with a precious certificate which reads “Congratulations, it’s a human!” No jokes, the birth certificate is a legal document, and the certification number can be compared to a newborn’s lottery […]

Types of Deed Poll

Deed poll

Free Deed Poll Vs. Paid Deed Polls in the UK: Which Should You Choose? Introduction to Deed Polls for Name Changes In the UK the UK, a deed-poll is essential to anyone who wishes to legally alter your name in the absence of divorce or marriage. It serves as a formal confirmation of the new […]

How to Change Name Legally in the UK


How to Start Your Name Change Process Secure Online Application Start by logging into our online secure application form to apply to apply for the Adult or Child Deed Poll. Make sure your application has been submitted and paid via our secure payment system. If submitted before 3pm on a weekday, your application will be […]

Process of After Marriage Change of Name


Know The Process of After Marriage Change of Name The procedure to change the name you use after marriage differs according to your place of residence as well as the name you would like to use, and the quickly you’d like to begin with the new name. This article will prepare a list of the […]

Things to Remember for a Post wedding Name Change


Incorporating your spouse’s name into the family will benefit you build a stronger bond to your family members simplifies travel, benefit you deal with emergency medical situations more efficiently as well as streamline procedures once kids are a part of the family. But, you must consider other factors also. If you’ve already created your own […]

How much does it cost to change your name?


Deed poll is an efficient and cost-effective means of changing one’s name legally in the UK, for a flat fee of £18.50 you can legally change their name. Our services cover this procedure thoroughly so all necessary adjustments can be handled efficiently. As part of your name change process, additional legal copies of your deed […]